Friday, 8 June 2007

Teen age trap part 1

well its a very very long topic if any one writes about it,that is why i have written "part ****************************************
"OH Hanna why do suffocate ur self with these LOSE abaya….and this black niqab??!!"

"Oh Mariya!! please those gloves!! man! it luks like u have got burns on ur hands!"
"MAN! Y are u luk too old wid a beard lyke dis!!"
"Wat happened to ur pants…..Yikes!!"
"Hey girl! u have got such a lovely face ,why do u hide it??"
the common remarks on muslim teenagers BY ignorant muslims and nonmuslims. YES not only in nonmuslim countries but even in muslim countries.WEll lets say good and bad people exist everywhere but Y do they have to exist to TORTURE and TORNMENT only Muslim teens??
"Oh well! its cuz….its cuz..muslim teens are extremists?"
"ahem can u elaborate the point?"
"well yeah…Y do they have to act and behave differently…Why are they so UNCOOL…Why not act like normal people..they are doing wateva they are but its all in extremes"
Okz that was also a common conversation but most of the time kids cant defend themselves.They dont have answer for certain questions for which they search and indeed many of them are also successful.Now the problem is Media. Ummm…YES! MEDIA!..The whole world..Our TVz, Radios, computers..everything.For The media the Idea of being KOOL is different from what it is for a Muslim teenager.They PLAN and SHOW that a KOOL teenager,if a boy, is a PUNK. Spikes on the top of head with loads and loads of Gel, tatoos all around the body, Loose pants which might fall any moment,big sneaks with an mp3 in ears….And if gurl, she has to wear the most indecent clothes she can ever get to attaract attention.BUT these KOOL ideas are NoT for MUSLIM teenagers, still these are the one’s who are being called NORMAL!It is media and Our external environment which has made a MUSLIM TEEN AGE TRAP! And By external environment i dont neccesirly mean Non muslims ,it can be Ignorant Muslims.
But Now the real solution of this problem is to find ways of getting rid of teenage trap.
How!!! thats wat we have to think.
….Building muslim communities!
….Teaching islamic ways to the kids!
….Inducing the love of Allah and their religion in the kids mind and appreciating them for following their religion rather than discouraging them for going against Non muslims "normal" world!
….Spending your money on your kids both worldly and Islamic education. remeber education is the most important thing!
…..having strong personality.Confidence that yes u are right!
…topic to be discussed in comments…….follow plzz!
Take care see ya!


illuminatingfaith said...

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatALlah!

Beautiful Blog my dear sister!! :) This was a very lovely post.


mortalmuslim said...

waliekum salamz
thanks a lot zahra.....It means so much 2 me ...!